Occupational Health:
The Goldilocks Zone

ALAMA Autumn Conference · 15-17 November 2017

Physicists call it the Goldilocks Zone, where all of the parameters are “just right”; so there is a little corner of Hampshire that is perfect for holding a conference in November. About 20 miles from Southampton Airport, three miles from the nearest main-line train station and no more than a few minutes from major roads (A34, A303, M3).

There will of course be a lot of CPD points to collect, but the aim is to make them as pleasant to earn as is possible. We will be hearing from world class experts in fields as diverse as sleep, rest and shift-work design and immunotherapy treatments for cancers.

Wearable technology is either “in” or “out” or passe, depending upon who you listen to. There are developments that will make it interesting and we will be hearing from market leaders in the field with an enviable reputation for technology development and winning things!

If that all sounds too hi-impact, we have some discussion about how yoga can be used in the workplace, demystifying the process and how to find and recommend practitioners. In case that feels too much like being twisted into the shape of a pretzel, there will be an osteopath on hand to advise and to consider the alternatives to sending everyone to the spinal surgeons.

But if none of that works, we will hear from the team who have a novel approach to pain management in terms of a residential program that is based upon clear principles and is designed with an expectation of helping those with chronic pain become more functional.

You will have already worked out that this is going to be one of the most sought-after tickets out there; places will be going fast (and we really do have a limited number of bedrooms available).


The programme is still in development and will include:

  • Sleep and Rest
  • Designing Shift patterns
  • Technology in Health and Wellness
  • Wearable technology in the workplace
  • Yoga
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK)
  • Osteopathy
  • Pain Management
  • Developments in Immunotherapy in Oncology
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Cognitive Decline/Dementia
  • Current risks to OHPs/SMPs/Experts
  • Legal Update
  • Special Interest Sessions (Local Authority, Police and Fire and Rescue)


The conference will run from lunchtime on Wednesday 15th November until lunchtime on Friday 17th November 2017. Please choose your registration package carefully, you will notice that we have introduced an EARLY BIRD option.


This key event is an invaluable resource for occupational health professionals. It offers excellent value for money and we have applied for 16.5 CPD accreditation points.

Value For Money

The full package early bird fee for ALAMA members of £670 is excellent value for money with 16.5 CPD accreditation points it equates to £39 per point and includes two nights accommodation in a 4 star hotel.

We are often told that there is an immeasurable value gained from networking with like-minded professionals whilst attending an excellent programme.

To join ALAMA apply for membership at www.alama.org.uk/register

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